Unique, original, crazy and colorful, classic or futuristic, the bezel is a land of inspiration for the creator.

Today 'cheap' and tend the French and international lunettier made art.

All materials are used and developed, acetate, wood, metals, shell, marine plastic, carbone, horn, Optyl and other fibers, in a quality approach, respect of materials and craftsmanship 'handmade'.

This creativity becomes exception, concept and singularity. Whatever its form, round, square, oval, it is thick, fine ou large, whether female or male she dresses you joy, Fashion makes you, forward thinking, atypical, and bright.

Creation is no longer a fashion or luxury.

For everyone

Beyond our professional actions,

We are committed to being 'for ALL in what we do best, like you.

Our discussions will allow us to direct you as close to your wishes and constraints.

We will accompany you for administrative procedures, we will adjust the payment to your budget,

we understand your children and teenagers, we will share your passions, and we'll share ours.

Invested heavily in the practice of fair and ecology, active actor and partner,


will more than your optician telescope ... ALL.


More than a fad, more than a trendy attitude,

vintage is a responsible ecological reality combines the past with modernity.

Passing a new 'life' recycling or even upcycling at the telescope stands out and fits.

From nostalgia de l'original, retro, to the know-how 'old' in Upcycling,

the bezel reinvent 'green', if china, and resells to become trend.

With these most iconic frames,

Aviator, WayFarer, ClubMaster, Pantos, and other forms, CatEye, Papillon,

you're Pinup, movie star, pilot, celebrity.

At each of our years, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, Be different and unique.


between ocean, mountains and cities, between polarization and life style, between UV (ultraviolet) and brightness,

solar telescope to life.

From an original accessory essential protection, your eyes in the sun in the shade.

Healing your original view, rest of your retina, your black solar mount,

colored or mirror become your originality, your indispensable ally for the sport, the driving,

your sunshine.